Where do we go when we die? Do we turn back into the energy that flows in the earth? I believe when we die this energy leaves the dying body

and moves elsewhere in the infinite universe. Each of us, animals, plants

and atoms, is therefore a part of one – the cosmos. Our dead body starts

to feed the life. All the little pieces that used to be ‘us’, are just recycled.

Our atoms are in the air, in water, in the whole nature.







In 2019, my husband died in a tragic accident.
I discovered the process of grieving I had no idea about.


Making a collage is a process of experiencing.
By controlling it, I gain control over the painful parts of my life.
I use the photos I took during our marriage.
Through the act of cutting and deconstructing photographic material,
I reconfigure my memories and build the new narrative
to the process of grieving.